Bugsy’s First Hike

After fostering dogs on and off for a local city shelter since 2006, I’ve adopted my first foster dog. Meet Bugsy, an enthusiastic, impish, darling, gray fluff ball. He is full of energy and bright eyed, possibly a Shih Tzu mix. This week he went on his first dog adventure — up to Island Lake in the Sierra. It was a real adventure for him. He did a lot of racing around and on the way back he forged a tiny stream that he wouldn’t on the way up. To more adventures with Bugsy.

I love this red breathable mesh vest from rocket-pets.com. It is perfect for warm weather and swimming.

Best Foster Dog Ever Looking for Home

Meet Daisy, the sweetest, cuddliest, easiest dog you’ll ever met, and she is looking for the perfect home. Could that be you?

She is an American/English bulldog mix, about 1 1/2 years old, and will pretty much stick right next to you. She is easy to walk, is 100% housebroken, uses a dog door, is an energetic eater, loves to sunbath, has medium to low energy, is super smart, and sometimes gets a good snore going. She is attentive, inquisitive and loving. She almost never barks.

She is a Front Street Animal Shelter dog and so if you are interested in meeting her, you can follow this link — https://adopt.adopets.com/pet/be111476-a37b-4ea3-8e31-d7b7121c7a81?tracking=5b253cb8-2f99-4eb1-9587-7408d6addcf1

Daisy is a super, sweet, easy dog. She loves to be around her people.

Daisy loves her snuggly fox from Rocket Pets. They have a wide assortment of adorable corduroy, stuffed animals that you can buy here — https://rocket-pets.com/products/corduroy-dog-toys


Cat backpack opens world up for cats

How fun is this cat backpack! My friend, Stephanie, and her cat, Sherman, were out for a walk in the park. The bubble backpack really gave Sherman a great view of what was going on. It opens up a whole world of possibilities for cats and pet owners. Why should dogs have all the fun?  You can bring you cats for a walk or hike, to a friend’s or to sit outside at a restaurant.
You can buy this cool, space capsule cat backpack at rocket-pets.com.
It comes in multiple colors, too.
It fits just like a regular backpack, has a padded bottom, and nine vented holes plus two-mesh vented side windows to keep a cat comfortable.

The three little pigs hit the jackpot

Once upon a time there were three little pigs named Janet, Bernie and Hanz. Their lives hit the jackpot when animal lover Cori Moore couldn’t stop dreaming of having pigs as pets. Adopted into the cozy home of Cori and Mike Moore, they are living like two kings and a queen being hand-fed grapes in the living room and cuddled and kissed by their kids.

As a girl, Cori wanted to live on a farm and slowly, she’s bringing the farm to her family. Over the years, she has rescued dozens of dogs and cats. This year, she’s added the pigs to the mix where they relax with a pack of dogs and seven children ranging in age from 2 to 14 years old.

“The animals help open the eyes of the kids,” Cori said. “Having them makes the kids more compassionate.”

Janet, a mini-pig, was the first. Followed by the two pot-bellied pigs. The kids find them funny and amusing and the younger children absolutely love them. “I am surprised at how smart and loving they are,” Cori said. “I’ll never have another dog again!”

Issaac pets Kitty-Pup while Janet, Bernie and Hanz hang out on the deck.

Bernie, Hanz and Cali smell food and head to the kitchen in hopes of treats. Corie and Lily gives grapes to the pigs.

Hanz gets some loving from Lily and Janet sniffs a toe. 

Bernie hangs out with the kids in the backyard. 

The Moore family loves their three little pigs.


Oh, it’s hot out here.  Time for some water hose action.  Crazy Hailey keeps getting in my way and I’m circling, circling, circling, to get the best, direct shot of water down my gullet.  Gulp.  Gag.  Circle, circle, circle, open mouth super wide, attack, OMG, the water is still coming.  Time out.  My esophagus is burning.  That was a good one.  Catch breath.  I can’t get enough.  Hailey is doing the high jump, blocking all the water.  Boy, she has a lot of energy.  This feels so good.  Ahhhhhhhh.

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