Ollie continues to make improvements. It is wonderful to see. Tonight he rolled onto his back to have his tummy scratched, a real dog maneuver. They still consider him to be under critical care, but I can see how he was slightly better this evening than when I saw him at noon. He weighed 22.1 pounds today. He should be around 45 pounds. He’s unable to maintain his glucose levels, which he needs to be able to do on his own before he can come home. It will be so interesting to see what his personality is like when he is feeling well. I envision him dashing around the yard. Thank you to everyone who has called in donations to Mueller’s. I don’t know who everyone is or how to get in touch with you. Just know that Ollie and I are so appreciative!


Ollie is making progress, and we love it! He’s had a really rough time with his glucose levels, and he is so groggy. But he walked today and for the first time in a few days he ate. This is such a fabulous sign. My friend Lynn says, ” This is super!”


Saturday was a very worrisome day with the new little doggie. He seemed to be perking up on Friday. We had gone for a lovely dinner at Lynn and Lou’s home, some new, wonderful friends. They’d given him some little bits of fresh turkey, which he devoured. Most of the dinner we kept him wrapped up in a blanket, and he watched us eat. But after I got him home, he just couldn’t keep his food down. He was becoming more and more listless. I ended up taking him to the emergency vet hospital on Saturday afternoon. When I came in they said, “Is this the no-name stray?” I just couldn’t have him there without a name. He had look so forlorn all bundled up in his blanket that we had called him Ollie, so that is what I said his name was. When he perks up, that may change. Anyway, x-rays revealed a large mass in his abdomen. The vet called me and said he most likely had stomach cancer and she would support whatever decision I made. My instincts didn’t feel this was correct, but I’m no expert. The little guy had been out on his own for who knows how long and who knows what he had eaten.  Lou, who was a nurse for 20 years, really asked the vet some pressing questions. He was great. He got her to admit that it may be a foreign body in his stomach. So, they kept Ollie overnight to get him hydrated for the possibility of surgery. Why guess what was wrong with Ollie when you can know definitively? They did surgery on him Sunday morning and discovered he had eaten a corn cob! From stomach cancer to corn cob. Hallelujah. So he is spending the night at the vet again, recovering from this ordeal. I’m hoping I can bring him home tomorrow and cuddle up with him. He is such a sweatpea.

These two photos were taken Saturday.


I give the little dog a bath this morning and then took him to the vet. He weighs 24 pounds, about half of what he should weigh. The good news is that with the exception of being extremely malnourished, he doesn’t appear to have a skin problem. Those round spots are something well on their way to healing. Despite being so thin, he is a picky eater. So far chicken and cottage cheese he likes. Dog food, not so much. So the goal is to fatten him up.  The vet thought he might be a greyhound cross. I thought as much when watching him walk from behind. His back legs have the light-footedness of greyhound. Again, he is curled up on the couch, completely under a blanket. Safe and warm.


I was out walking Ella this beautiful, crisp Thanksgiving morning giving thanks for everyone and everything in my life. I came upon this emaciated and terrified dog huddled under a tree. Someone had given him a sheet to lie on, but this dog needed a blanket. I drove back and brought him home. He was someone’s pet. He climbed right up on my couch. He is terribly malnourished and very afraid. He is having a good day at my house but I need to get him to the vet.  He’s getting lots of food and warmth and love and Vivaldi and probably the first good sleep he’s had in a long time. I know he, too, is grateful today. Into the vet tomorrow.