OLLIE & HENRY – FEB. 26, 2011

I was trying to play with Henry this morning, and he was shamelessly, relentlessly, embarrassingly posing for the camera.  I’d go in for the jugular. He’d turn toward the camera.  I’d pounce on him. He’d crane for the camera.  I’d nip, jab, poke, and stab. He’d turn his doe eyes at the camera. Apparently, he’s been told he’s handsome, debonair, beautiful and regal.  I don’t know. He’s being boring right now. Camera, shamera.  Play! I’m trying to perfect my vampire neck biting moves, my bouncy pouncy moves, my 180-hip hop jab, my Ollie special. I want to be on Doggie Wrestlemania. I am feeling the mania. The crowd. The roars. The cheers. The jeers. The drool. I’m dreaming of being in the ring. The stare down. The take down. The push down. The pounce down. The bouncy down. Henry is not feeling this at all. None of it. He’s thinking about the camera. His perfect face. His perfect fur. His perfect teeth. I’m thinking he’s dreaming of being The Doggie Bachelor.

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I met oodles of homeless pets today at the grand opening of the new animal kennels at Loaves & Fishes, which is dedicated to Anneke Vos. I met Raider and Nudge, Danny Boy and Tiger, Afroditie and Lucile, Chuchu and Mia, Junior and Lover Boy, Taz, Leonard, and Bear Bear.  All supremely loved.  Some even received a blessing.  I was even blessed, sort of, at the ceremony.  We were in line to be blessed, but I took one look at that crazy man in a tan, flowing clock with a rope belt waving a wet fern frond at me and I made a left turn.  Most of the blessing didn’t hit me. I felt a drop.  It invigorated me.  Or maybe that was the cake crumbs and frosting I licked off the pavement.  I met dogs whose owners wanted to be outside, and I met dogs whose owners can’t get inside because they own a pet. I met someone living in their car with their pets.  I met someone who has Social Security money to get housing but hasn’t been able to find a rental that will take pets.  How nice to meet people who don’t think of their pets as disposable.  And I met my first 18-pound cat.

Below is a gallery of photos some of Sacramento’s homeless and their pets who use this kennel.

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