Nose in the grass,

I inhale the oxygen

it is exhaling –

and so we breathe together,

the grass and I

Tanka by Paul O. Williams

Tanka, a five line poem, started out being a lover’s poem in medieval Japan, but now has taken on many more uses. Haiku originated from this form. My father wrote tanka for some 22 years and haiku for more than 40 years. My father’s poetry is so beautiful. He was a great observer of nature. Today as we traipsed through this field of mustard, knee high for me, taller than the dogs, I felt the beauty of spring rising from the ground and heard my father.  I heard his gentle and keen comments of the loveliness, the color, the sound, the tone, the location, the blooming, the feeling, the history, the grass.  So connected to this moment of nature, in nature.  I felt Ollie’s pleased expression.  I saw that Ella had an expression.  A moment captured of eternity, for eternity, like some many thousands of those with my father, I inhale, fully, a breathe of pure joy, to be with him today.

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Today I am extending an Ollie branch. That is peace, love and a treat.  It could be a peanut butter treat or a tofurky treat. You choose. But you must spread the love. It’s time to branch out in unexpected ways. Not try. Do. I would say, “Just do it.” but someone trademarked those three words. Someone named Nike who was the winged goddess of victory long before she was a shoe company. How does that work? Branch out. Even to your enemies. Your perceived enemies. Your frenemies. Your mom. Your mother-in-law. The guy who doesn’t pick up his dog’s poop. The barking dog next door. The yappy, annoying dog. The slobbery dog that drools on you while wrestling. The squirrel in the park.  The rude driver. The dude who cut in line. The Elvis shrine. Or any other unstable sign. Etc. and etc.  I know I need to branch out. Bad. Branch out beyond dreaming of treats and tearing toys apart.  Branch out to beyond my freckled face and dog breath. I know there are bigger dog possibilities for me out there. I see them out the car window. I see them in my dreams. I see them in Anne’s eyes. And sometimes they come to me in a still, small voice. I just need to learn to listen.

OLLIE & OTTO – DOG BLOG – 3-27-11

Holy dog breath. IT’S ALIVE! I thought he was a new squeaky toy. Right size. Right shape. I was about to pick him up and start tossing him around and HE MOVED!

I’m always up for playing . . .  but I have to do a downward dog to even look him in the eyes.

I feel like an appetizer. I hope he doesn’t bite my lip too hard.

But seriously. We had some dachshunds over to the house this weekend. Check out how adorable they are!


The city shelter wouldn’t post Anne’s photo of Big Boss, the cat, pictured below.  Anne’s photo is on the right. We want to stay out of all the kitty politics of why and concentrate on making good photos of these great animals in hopes of helping get them adopted. But we want for you to see how beautiful Big Boss is.  He came to the shelter with a sibling because the owner’s home was foreclosed on, and she had to move to a place where cats weren’t welcome. When the owner came to the shelter to visit the cats, she found Big Boss’s sibling adopted and Big Boss alone.  She cried.  She cried for her loss.  She cried because she missed her cats. She cried because the cats were separated. The whole scenario is sad.  Big Boss is big, not bossy, fluffy, and would love a new home. Please pass the word along.