I feel so independent today. So free of time and fleas, ticks and sleaze, boundaries, bully dogs, hot spots and peas.  So clear on our dogged equality.  So self-sustained.  So self-sufficient and self- contained.  So worry free.  Where is Anne?  I declare, I am so adequately amazed, at me, to be here with you today.  Except for an occasional itch, I have no complaints.  To have made it through my Thanksgiving haze and to be here today to share our independence, is a blessing.  No disguise or dressing.  Pass the treats.

“Yankee Ollie went to town,

A riding on a Doodle,

He stuck a lab in his hat

And called it a labradoodle.”

Today I am galloping around the neighborhood in my patriotic bunting suit.  Having my own parade.  Spreading the feeling.  Turning some frowns upside down.  Join in.


“Yankee Ollie hurry up,

Yankee Ollie doodle,

Mind the music and your step

‘cause your paw’s above a toy poodle.”