Ollie had a great, new adventure Tuesday.  I went out of town to pick up some of my dad’s belongings and was able to take Ollie and Ella on one of my favorite little walks around a pond in Alexander Valley past Calistoga.  He was definitely out of his element and a little unsure of himself.  There was an assortment of new smells. And water to traverse.  I don’t think he’d ever gotten his feet wet as in underwater an inch or two wet.  It took some coaxing to get him to cross water that was just a few inches deep. He trotted back and forth looking for a dry path. Smart pup.  He smelled pine and oak, lichen and moss, raindrops and cow patties.  He got some of his first good running in. He saw his first cow up close. We all got muddy. The car went from being a fur mobile to a mudball. Ollie and Ella were pooped and curled up together for the drive home. It was a good day. You may see a gallery of Ollie photos at

2 Replies to “ADVENTUROUS OLLIE – TUESDAY – DEC. 14, 2010”

  1. You can really tell that he’s putting on weight and doing so much better. Really like the first photo of him surveying the pond and rushes.

  2. What beautiful portraits of you teaching a dog to be just a dog; not a victim, not a survivor, not a dying creature. Just a dog. What could be better. Made my day and gave me perspective as usual. I’m learning how to be just a human, smell the cowpatties, just be a human, not superman.

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