Members of the Ollie fan club gave him this bed and blanket. I put it in my office, because he kept crawling up in my lap when I was working. His latest BG was 95.  He ate well all afternoon and evening. He loved his two-block walk this morning. He’s come so far since Thanksgiving morning when he was lying on a sheet under a tree in freezing temperatures. Life is good. A gallery of Ollie photos are at Post below is from a friend who hung out with him Monday night.

I met Ollie last night again and spent an hour with he and Anne. His story and the support the community has given him is unbelievable; but all of it pales to meeting Ollie himself. There is a spirit in the little guy that is completely gentle and sweet. He is an ambassador and his cape suits him royally. Ollie is obviously also a great fighter with a tremendous will to survive. But, he told me a little secret last night. He whispered that one of the reasons he fought so hard to live is that, someday, he’d like to work with children also having a hard time. He wants to show them that no matter how hard things get, at your worst moment of despair, no matter how alone you feel, there are good people who are capable of coming together to create miracles. The community out there contributed somewhere around $7,000 to $8,000 to pay for Ollie’s medical care. It is likely completely covered. All this happened from some viral emails and Anne’s gentle spirit and pictures. This is unprecedented and amazing, and it is time for us to have a party, meet each other and celebrate the possibilities this has created for the future of heroes like Ollie.  Eileen Gillis

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