Holy Sasquatch Batman. It’s BIGFOOT. Right here in Sacramento, CA.  He’s about to crush the young the springer spaniel, the same way I attack bubble wrap. Bigfoot has NEVER been spotted in Sacramento according to the BF people.  He has been seen 425 other places in California in recent years. His tracks were last found leading into Lake Alpine in Calveras County in October 2010. Somehow he has maneuvered through Amador County and made his way deep into Sacramento County unseen. He has passed open fields and Big Lots, car lots and homeless plots. He is HERE.  This is not a man in an ape suit. He is BIG. He is SMELLY. He is FUSTY. He is YECCHY. He is threefold stinkier than Ella and her double-fur coat when wet.  Make that 100 times worse. No exaggeration.  He’d break the rank-o-meter. Like dead salmon, skunk spray, Old Spice, and a hint of detritus rolled into one.

I saw the look in the young spaniel’s eyes – HOLY TERROR. He was thinking – is this it? the end? where’s my owner?

I’m thinking, “Back off Bigbelly, I mean Leadfoot, I mean you smelly puppy thug.”EARTH-TO-OWNER! YOOhoooooo!  Seriously, your pup needs help NOW.” My GOD, he’s big!

What am I thinking! HOLY I’M OUTTA HERE!  I’ve got plans. Plans for a long time. Plans to go places. Plans for food tasting. Plans for these ears. Plans to pester Ella. Tricks to learn. And now, some napping to do. That was a close call.

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  1. I can’t remember ever seeing Ollie’s ears up so high. Great pics of the spaniel’s face. You do catch the great expressions!

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