On Tuesday I had the privilege of spending the day at Camp Winnaribbun, a dog camp that is a truly a slice of heaven on earth. Nestled in the evergreens overlooking Lake Tahoe, Camp W, located on 33-acres, is the perfect place for you and your dog to unwind, hike, swim, learn from professionals in activities like pet obedience, agility, lure coursing, tracking, herding, and health or just relax. Camp director Lory Kohlmoos is a warm and knowledgeable dog expert that keeps the days on track. I listened to a class she taught on obedience and her insights are those of a real expert and keen observer. I watched border collies catch frisbees, an assortment of dogs practice on the agility course, campers do a craft project where they made leashes, and some just plain, old relaxing with a book and a dog.  We went for a beautiful hike where the dogs ran off leash through aspen and pine. The air is so fresh here. The atmosphere so peaceful.

This is a great place to unplug. There is no TV. The log cabins are rustic. The food is wonderful and plentiful. There are two more sessions this summer, Aug. 29 – Sept. 4 and Sept. 5 – 11.

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  1. Anne, thank you for the beautiful picture of my boy, Shiro’s heartshaped nose. This is his usual way he spends his time. Thank you again for the wonderful picture. This was awesome!


  2. Anne, your pictures are beautiful!! Someone said they saw you taking pictures of my Boxer, Apollo. Any chance I could see those and maybe purchase them?


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