Milani and Mojo go together like Lucy and Desi, Harriet and Ozzie, Wilma and Fred.  Apart, they aren’t so good.  Together they are happy and silly and funny.  Apart, they shiver and are timid.   They came into the shelter as a pair and are looking for a together home.  The cute pair can be visited at the Front St. animal shelter. — http://www.cityofsacramento.org/generalservices/animal-care/adoptions/dog.cfm

More dog photos may be seen at http://annechadwickwilliams.com.


On an unseasonably warm Sunday, 4 R Friends, a non-profit started by veterinarian Jean Rabinowitz, held their third Neighborhood Pit Bull Days at the Colonial Heights Library, an area of town where low-cost vaccine clinics do not come.  There were long lines of people with their pets, water bowls, pop-up tents and dogs as far as the eye could see.  The clinic helped 479 dogs, who received free rabies and puppy shots, microchips, I.D. tags, collars.  Twelve dogs were spayed and neutered and a couple hundred put on a waiting list.  During the three free clinics this year, they helped 1,200 dogs.  The Sacramento city shelter on Front St. donated vaccinations, microchips, ID tags, collars, the Spay and Neuter mobile trailer and supplies for the event.  About 80 volunteers helped the organizers run the event.  It was something else.  All volunteer.  All free.

The event idea was born of Rabinowitz’s experience as an emergency veterinarian in south Sacramento.  On any given night, she might see four pit bulls or chihuahuas brought in by animal control or their owners. The ailments varied from parvo for the pit puppies, which is preventable with vaccinations, and adult pits and chihuahuas who had been hit by cars with severe injuries that were cost prohibitive for the owners.  She wondered what she could do to help.  So she made a Google map of all the low-cost vaccine clinics held in the city of Sacramento and found that there were 252 held annually by the city and county shelters, the SPCA and VIP, but none were held below Highway 50 and east of Freeport,  a low-income area.  Seeing the need, she organized the basic care event with the idea to hold a series of three, which would bolster the parvo vaccines for all the puppies and build relationships with the community.

The neighborhood arrived in droves with their dogs.  The response overwhelming.  Many people walked.  There were litters of puppies in cardboard boxes brought by bicycle, others pushed their pups in carts,  and some arrived by motorized wheelchair.  There was ooohing and aaahing over the puppies, squealing while being vaccinated, and lots of appreciation.

It’s wonderful when someone like Jean sees a need and fills the void  – and orchestrates it so well.

There will be another series of clinics in the fall when the weather is cooler.

Everything at the event is free and so donations are very welcome and much needed.  You may donate through their website  – http://4rfriends.org   To keep up with what they are doing, you can “like” 4R Friends on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/4rfriends.

Below is a slideshow of some of the people and their pets who came yesterday.  Looking forward to the next one.

More dog photos may be seen at http://annechadwickwilliams.com.



Josie was left abandoned in a house and brought to the Sacramento city shelter.  Her story is unknown, but she was left shaking and very frightened by her experiences.  Ollie agreed to allow me to bring her in as a foster dog. He was very clear about the temporary part.  Ella was very accepting of the idea.  At first she could only do the Army crawl, but in just one day, she is opening up and showing how playful she can be. Very sweet, super affectionate, beautiful coat, manly whiskers, big smile, loves to be snuggled up to you.  She will be a wonderful dog for someone.  If interested either contact me or the city shelter.  http://www.cityofsacramento.org/generalservices/animal-care/adoptions/dog.cfm

Day One – just arriving

Getting cozy.                                                                               Ollie, Ella, and pal Henry watch out the side door.Day Two.  After a good night’s sleep on a warm dog bed under a fleece blanket, Josie finds the grass smells so good and the toy is pretty cool.Then she realizes, “I am free and life is going to be good, and I don’t mind if you see that grass in my mouth.”Now if that face doesn’t just make your day!



Maybe today I find my Valentine.



















Is that her?  Nope, too furry.She looks promising!  Ella isn’t so sure.  *Note her doppelganger behind her.

Wow. She looks like me! What are the odds that Ella and I each find our doppelganger on Valentine’s Day.  Her name is Charlotte, and I must give chase.  My hearts are flying off.  I’m leaving a love trail.  One lands on Ruby’s head.

I manage to get in a love bite.  Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?  Ruby intervenes.  Maybe not.  Charlotte face doesn’t look too ladylike.  Maybe I scared her off.  Charlotte and Ruby run off.Ella and I sniff for clues along the track.  Maybe someone left me a message.  We sniff and wait.  I wait.  And wait.I go home to wait.  Maybe she’ll come walking by.  Wouldn’t that be my lucky day.