Dear Julia,


Really and truly.

I know that you haven’t heard a gosh darn thing from me for an eternity and beyond.  The missives here have become infrequent.  My typist keeps giving me a whole host of, an entire slew of, a hoard, pile and mountain of excuses, reasons, explanations, you name it, for not posting.  All fish stories. Grand song and dance routines. Here we are months later, and I’ve had a million adventures and some misadventures, not to mention my first anniversary with Anne, a good Christmas, milestones, new friends, all things I’ve wanted to tell everyone about.  I have things to say, dagnabit.  To tell and yell.  I’m bursting with energy.  I zip about doing figure eights all over the house. I can unstuff a toy in an instant, turn the house into seeming snow piles, puffs and tufts of toy all over. (There should be a competition for this.)  I’ve even gotten in trouble a few times. (I’ve been eating bark out of the flower garden, and I enjoy crunching it in various places in the house, not to mention, well never mind.)  I’m been dying to shout it all out.   Sometimes I do around the house.  That’s right.  I shout it, share it, howl it out much to the chagrin of Ella, who spends most days in some sort of Zen napping position.

Recently I went on a great hike.  It was spectacular.  I didn’t get any breakfast before the hike, because I usually vomit in the car.  I guess this is a little messy to clean up, because I hear some grumblings.  So I carbo loaded the night before. I was rearing to go in the a.m.

Here I am on Stevens Trail near Colfax above the American River.  Gorgeous January day. Felt like spring.  Anne wished she had shorts on and not her jeans.  I was quite thirsty and thought I could just trot down this near vertical cliff for a sip of water and zip right back up, but I was stopped.  It really didn’t look that far down or too hard.

The air is so fresh here.  I just have to sit down and take it in. Where is she?  She is such a slowpoke! I wish I could have some nuts.  Maybe if I stare wistfully, they will share.I think I see a baby Nessie.Ella is pretending not to see the bear on the other side of the river.  I don’t know how she can be so calm at a time like this.

What a great day!  I am a happy and pooped pup.

So Julia, I promise I will try to get my typist to do more typing, because I miss sharing.








3 Replies to “DEAR JULIA – OLLIE BLOG – 1-8-12”

  1. Ollie – I am SO HAPPY to see your post! You gave me a great big smile! Happy New Year Ollie!

  2. Yeah! You are back, I have missed you and look forward to all of your wonderful adventures!

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