Sometimes it is okay to drooI, as in I want to be there.  If you are trying to figure out where to go on a vacation next year, and you have a dog, this may be the place.  These pictures were taken last week during the second session of Camp Winnaribbun at Lake Tahoe –, also know as a little slice of heaven.  How about that million dollar view.

Hula loop jumper Liberty.  Incredible!

Belle and Wade try and tip Laura into the lake.

Lake Tahoe’s version of the Loch Ness monster, bottom right.

Even little dogs get their toes wet.  These guys are swimmers!

Aussies compete for style points with the border collies.

Certified doggie lifeguard.

Smile contest.  Roxy wasn’t having any of it.

Those shelties and their perfect coats.

Will do anything for a frisbee.

Sandi helps Essie learn to swim.  The little chihuahua was a natural.

Aussies paddle off on their own.  Leave owners behind.

Head spinners.

Far right sheltie enlisted to make sure waves don’t dampen their silky coats.

Just one more toss.  Really, just one more. Yea, one more.


Best ears.  Man who has worn toe rings since a baby.

Now doesn’t that look fun!  Really fun.  Drooling double fun!



4 Replies to “DOG CAMP SESSION #2, LAKE TAHOE – DOG BLOG – 9-12-11”

  1. These are great photos of camp. They are so beautiful it makes me feel I am still there. Love your captions too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can tell by the awesome pictures that you love, love, love dogs. You remind me of my photographer Jonne Bardo at Gluskin’s Photo in Stockton. She has dog hair on all her props because of her favorite pastime–photographing dogs. Nice to meet a fellow Sacramento Connect blogger.

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