Eeeeeeeek, I found a gun in the backyard today, really.  Behind the garage.  Pushed kinda under some leaves and a plastic flower container.  Eeeek.  That means some bad guy was running around my yard, probably jumped the fence, and stashed his weapon, took the clip.  Ella probably scared him off.  I was under the covers.  I thought she was barking at raccoons.  Eeeek.  I’ve never seen a gun.  I can’t say I very much like finding one right here.  I wonder what crime they committed or were planning to commit?  Anne handled it with her garden gloves.  She didn’t want her fingerprints on it.  I think she has watched too many cop shows.  She’d been putting chicken manure in the garden. Now the gun has his fingerprints and some chicken manure on it.  Yum, I liked that stuff.  Stinky but tasty.  A nice policewoman took it away.  She looked so young, so young that she didn’t look old enough to drive.  She even had braces on her teeth.  She was very sweet.  Eeek, I found a gun.



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