Franny Fenton fashions jewelry for dog lovers. She makes fabulous necklaces and earrings and bracelets.  She is artful.  There are bracelets with a single strand of beads, and there are chacha bracelets. Chacha’s have 44 dog rescue charms on them and 44 beads. They are thick and colorful and fun.  They jingle.  The cool glass tile necklaces have a dog face on them. Sometimes it is part of a face, sometimes the whole face, all unique.  We’ve never seen anything like it.  Very clever, that Franny.  She even beads dog faces and puts them on things. Itty, bitty, tiny beads.  She can actually put them together so that they look like a dog.  Amazing and beautiful.  Like something you see in a museum and go “wow” and “how.”  She sews dog purses and aprons.  She is crafty and creative.  Her ideas seem endless.  She has a website on ArtFire :

We visited her today and her two little dogs.  Lucy, who is tiny and tough, has eyeshades. She actually has a ledge of fur, schnauzer-like, to either shade her eye or be coy, but we found out she’s not the latter.  They are trimmed so Lucy can just see, and she saw every little movement I made.  I moved an inch, she put me in check.  Miss C is cool. She’d have to be.

I thought Franny was making me a treat here. What else would she be doing.

Anne wanted to buy ten of these necklaces. She’s hoping she can commission Franny to make one with me on it.  I think it should be much larger, maybe life size. Well, on second thought then she’d look like Flavor Fav with his clock.  We don’t want that. Ollie Flav. Hey, I like the sound of that. Ollie Flav, a new Dance Craze. Come on down.  Hey everybody, you put one paw in, you put one paw out, you put one paw in and shake it all about. Oops, too country.  Oooh, you might not ever get rich, but let me tell you it’s better than digging a ditch.  Ain’t not telling who you might meet . . . going to the dog park, dog park, hey, going to the dog park, give us a play, talkin’ about the dog park, come on y’all.  It’s always cool.  Sing it for me.  Dog park.  Going to the dog park. Yea.  Hehe. It’s catching.

I wasn’t kidding about the Lucy’s eyeshades. Look at that tongue curl.


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