I met oodles of homeless pets today at the grand opening of the new animal kennels at Loaves & Fishes, which is dedicated to Anneke Vos. I met Raider and Nudge, Danny Boy and Tiger, Afroditie and Lucile, Chuchu and Mia, Junior and Lover Boy, Taz, Leonard, and Bear Bear.  All supremely loved.  Some even received a blessing.  I was even blessed, sort of, at the ceremony.  We were in line to be blessed, but I took one look at that crazy man in a tan, flowing clock with a rope belt waving a wet fern frond at me and I made a left turn.  Most of the blessing didn’t hit me. I felt a drop.  It invigorated me.  Or maybe that was the cake crumbs and frosting I licked off the pavement.  I met dogs whose owners wanted to be outside, and I met dogs whose owners can’t get inside because they own a pet. I met someone living in their car with their pets.  I met someone who has Social Security money to get housing but hasn’t been able to find a rental that will take pets.  How nice to meet people who don’t think of their pets as disposable.  And I met my first 18-pound cat.

Below is a gallery of photos some of Sacramento’s homeless and their pets who use this kennel.

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4 Replies to “HOMELESS PETS & OLLIE – WEDNESDAY – FEB. 23, 2011”

  1. Loaves and Fishes also runs the Mercer Clinic,a collaboration between UC Davis veterinary students and area veterinarians, which provides medical care for the pets of the homeless at Loaves & Fishes. Please consider donating to the Mercer Clinic.

  2. Great Pictures! It sucks that some people don’t except pets in homes or places. When a dog is happy with their owners, they are the most behaved and can live a life with out any problems. I love dogs, I love watching them, seeing their beautiful faces. The kettle opening is great for these dogs to hang out while their owners handle things. I am going to share this out.

  3. So touching. What a gift you have given here, thank you for your photos. What dignity and beauty and compassion. I’m donating RIGHT NOW!

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