I’ve been singing from the mountain tops. That was me barking to the world. I AM NOT A YORKSHIRE TERRIER. I really didn’t have any doubt, oh, maybe a little. I mean isn’t DNA supposed to be conclusive. Definitive. Categorical. Decisive and absolute. It’s not an essay question. It isn’t subjective. Or even objective. It is scientific. Rooted in deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA molecules storing information long-term.  A blueprint. Maybe my blueprint got touched by someone who ate something greasy for lunch. Maybe my genes were smeared just a bit. Maybe they weren’t sure and guessed Yorkie and meant Parson Russell terrier. Maybe they just had a hunch or were late for a date. I must say I am feeling myself.

I am a Border Collie mix crossed with Border Collie/Parson Russell Terrier cross. I love that their is mixed breed in me that is still mysterious. That is where Ollie come in. Olliedog.

More Ollie and other dog photos may be seen at annechadwickwilliams.com


3 Replies to “I AM NOT A YORKIE! – OLLIE DOG BLOG – 3-15-11”

  1. Hmm. Maybe the “mixed breed” was a Lurcher of some sort. Still think there is a “sight hound” somewhere in the mix.

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