I’ve been working out lately.  Yup. I was supposed to start on Jan. 1, so I am little late getting going.  My favorite piece of equipment is this tennis ball dumbbell. Been working out my jaw and other parts. It is great for my neck and some downward dog type strengthening.  I’m trying to incorporate ideas from several programs – Jack LaLanne, Fabio (‘cus we have the same color hair,) Richard Simmons (love to sweat to the Oldies), something Scooby Doo tried to get off the ground, and a wee bit of Suzanne Sommers for my scrawny thighs – combining them all and making them my own – Doggone Ollie’s Greatest Ambitious Sweats (DOGABS). Just say no to treats is our motto. Wait, I can’t say that.  What would I think about.  I going to have to find a new motto.  I’m also trying to motivate Anne. She has “workout” on her “list.”  First she says she wants to spend time with me to make sure I’m okay. Then it is too cold. Or she needs to work. Or photograph me. Or she wants to read.  I’ve never seen someone make up so many excuses to not workout. She did pump up her bike tires last week, but that is as far as she got. I’m being a rat. I better stop.

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