Oooooh, my tongue is long.  It must be dragging on the sand.  I need an ade, a lemonade, a limeade, a Powerade, a doggade, can someone please give a pup some ade.  It’s not even officially summer, and I am doggone HOT.  Yupster. H.O.T.  We went to the river last night.  I chased sticks into the water for the first time.  Some kids threw them for me.  On about the tenth one, I was running in the water and all of a sudden my legs went out from me.  The ground was gone.  I was sinking.  I became a submarine.  I needed a straw, a snorkel, a breath apparatus.  Felt desparate, panicked, very alarmed.  I struggled to the surface, grasping for air, gasping for a breath, and gulp, got water.  I was vertically with just my snout out.  I was drowning.  I’m not built to swim.  I felt like a lead weight. I tried to envision myself as a feather.  I saw Anne coming for me. Somehow I caught a paw on some sand.  Then two, three, four paws.  I’m safe.  Not sure what happened.  Now I feel tentative to chase a stick. Boy, it’s hot.

4 Replies to “IT’S HOT OLLIE – DOG BLOG – 6-16-11”

  1. Oh, poor Ollie! Glad to see you and your mom are back at it again! We’ve missed you! I hope you overcome your swimming disaster! It is just too dang hot in Sacramento to NOT like the water!

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