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I am smack dab in the center of the Doggie Promised Land, A.K.A. Lake Tahoe, Camp Winnaribun, DOG CAMP!  Ella told me a lot about this place.  Not being one to exaggerate, she convinced me that this trip was something to anticipate, and she was BEYOND excited to be coming again.  Personally, I like to make my own assessment of things, because depending on your breed, temperament, and lifestyle, I just may not see eye to eye with you.  I mean if you have to be blown dry before having your picture taken or carried during a hike or want the ball thrown the 200th time even though your tongue is about to fall out, I just might not agree with you.  But Holy Shmoly, Ella was right!  This is dog heaven on earth no matter what makes your tail wag.

First, I met the famous camp director, Lory Kolhmoos, who greeted me like one of her own border collies.  She was very sweet to me and didn’t flinch at my bad breath.  She thinks I have a lot of border collie in me, and she’s an EXPERT on these issues.  She called me liver coated.  I’m not so crazy about that description of my color.  I prefer chocolate.  Chocolate Ollie.  That sounds yummier.  I saw Anne and Lory whispering together, and I was thinking that Lory just might be saying I needed treats every three hours sorta like some humans are doing these days.  That seems like a great idea to me.  But no.  Apparently, she took one look at me and told Anne I could slim down.  I was stunned.  Me!  Slim down.  Isn’t that a turn of events.  What Anne doesn’t know is that when Ella doesn’t finish her breakfast, I’ve been chowing down.  Five pounds.  I’m not going to worry about it.

Here are some photos of my adventures at camp.  We’ll be posting more camp photos soon.  Photos minus me.  I just wanted to share with you my first camp adventure at this great dog camp.

More dog photos may be seen at

I followed the goldens and Ella down to the lake, but I wasn’t quite sure what all the HOOPLA was about.  They were just clambering to get through the gate.  The exhilaration was palpable.

Then all the balls on a rope came out and were whizzing over my head through the air into the water.  It was a mass of dashing fur as the goldens dove into the water.  My head was spinning with delight and confusion.

I decided to join the golden fray in their mad splash to toys.  My competitive juices were flowing.  My swimming still needs some improvement, but I think I might be able to hang with them.

The golden quadruplets watched the toy from the dock, but I thought if I stood reeaaaalllllly close, bottom left, I might have a better chance at it.  How is it that they all had the same idea?  How is it that they all carry themselves with such aplomb?  I’d love to be that poised and self assured.  I was feeling somewhat uncertain but game.

Ella was having one of the happiest days of her life.

So I challenged her to chase the stick with me, a game she taught me.

Anne wanted to take a little siesta at the end of the dock.  I really wanted her to throw me the stick.  I’m feeling a little obsessed about chasing the stick.  The stick.  The Stick.  The STICK.  I think Lory is right about me.  I think I am an Ollie chocolate border collie.  This is my first dock.  I’m not quite understanding its purpose.  It ends.  Stops at nothing.  Then you have to turn around and go back.  The stick.  I’d like to chase the stick.

I decided to shake some water on Anne.  That outta wake her up.  The stick, please.



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sukoshi's momSeptember 4, 2011 - 12:05 am


Well, this looks like great fun! You should ask Lory if she thinks you might be a “lurcher”–as a border collie person she probably knows this term.

Hmmm. Maybe this is camp is something a bunch of Shibas might like…


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