Maybe today I find my Valentine.



















Is that her?  Nope, too furry.She looks promising!  Ella isn’t so sure.  *Note her doppelganger behind her.

Wow. She looks like me! What are the odds that Ella and I each find our doppelganger on Valentine’s Day.  Her name is Charlotte, and I must give chase.  My hearts are flying off.  I’m leaving a love trail.  One lands on Ruby’s head.

I manage to get in a love bite.  Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?  Ruby intervenes.  Maybe not.  Charlotte face doesn’t look too ladylike.  Maybe I scared her off.  Charlotte and Ruby run off.Ella and I sniff for clues along the track.  Maybe someone left me a message.  We sniff and wait.  I wait.  And wait.I go home to wait.  Maybe she’ll come walking by.  Wouldn’t that be my lucky day.

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