The information below was passed on to me.

Saw this on Craigslist and I have been in contact with the woman. I have included her emails to me, I told her I would post to our list of rescuers and see if we could get her some help.
Thank you for anything you can do, and for everything you do.
Loretta Goclowski

Hello 🙂
This morning while driving my grandson to school I came across this very nice male Doggy with collar who is missing it’s home. It HAD a “cone” around his head ( someone loved him enough to do that 🙂 and was skin and bones though…so he have been lost for a while 🙁 he was barely walking ( weak and thirsty ) in the middle of Power Inn road and was being HONKED at :/ so I did a u-turn and rescued this beautiful living animal. I live in the neighborhood off Power Inn and Gerber Road and we have someone’s loved Dog. If this is your Dog or you recognize this dog please letme know…he wants to come home!!
I do NOT want to take it to the pound and will hold on to it as long as I can. He is safe, warm and has a full tummy…please come get him and take him home were he belong’s
Please please help us find these precious dog’s owners…please ! Spread the word…ohhh also…for those who might see this …what kind of DOG would you guess he is?

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