My owner was really tired today, because a band hired her to take photos of them performing on New Year’s Eve, and she was up way, way, way past her bedtime.  In retrospect, she should have charged hazard pay to hang out with a bunch of drunk people and have drinks spilled on her and to maneuver through the crowd like she had to, and practically lose her hearing.  One nice young woman actually told her she spilled a drink on her.  That was so kind of her.  She wondered why everyone was in really short, almost identical, black sleeveless dresses when it is winter, and pretty, brrrrrr, cold out.  She thought that her corduroy pants and thick sweater looked pretty nice, but she wears that outfit everyday.  Oh, well.  She hasn’t been out in a while.  She really wanted to take a nap today, but we thought it would be totally haha, funny to pull a prank on her and take over the bed.  We thought she might try to nap on the dog bed.  Besides we were so tired from waiting up for her.  We were cracking up at how clever we were until she made us spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious correctly before we could eat our dinner.

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2 Replies to “NEW YEAR’S DAY OLLIE – SATURDAY – JAN. 1, 2011”

  1. Exactly why I have a California king size bed. They all take their half through the center. Great photo~!

  2. Dog’s don’t have owners they have humans….that’s why they run the house! Besides what’s a bed without extra furry love!

    I need those sheets =)

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