I finally managed to find myself a patch of grass, and it was a really nice patch, very green, very lush, very scenic.  I was just about to push my way through the purple flowers when I saw the sign.  What!  And double what, what?  Is this a joke?  An April Fool’s prank in summer?  What do you mean – a dog with a red slash through it – why can’t I go on the grass?  I was not happy about this prohibition.  Where was I to do my business?  This began the beginning of seeing variations of this sign, the slash, time and time again.  And again.  And again.  Most baffling.  What is with these Europeans?  Dogs are fun.  So fun.  Fun loving.  Funny.  Fundamentally, essential.  Troubling.  Not dogs.  The slash.  I am harrumphing.  Umphing.  Umph.  Umphing.  I hope you can hear me.  Some people just don’t want to have any fun by the looks of all these slashes.  (Okay on the guns, slash.)  They need some Ollie time.  Hot diggity!

Just what are these two things that are allowed in the bank?  A camera on a stick?  A time bomb?  I suppose, you can probably bring your cat, too.

OMG.  I’m allowed in the park!  Oh, happy day.  But no soccer balls.  Does that mean footballs are okay?  I guess I’ll have to leave my grill behind since it is verboten.

This place is a real downer.  If no people are allowed, who can go in?

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