I was playing with Jenny Penny today and ooh, good lordy, I tore her leg off! I felt terrible about it, to say the least, well for a while that is. I mean she was taunting me, calling me, shrimpy impy, four legs, skunkster punkster, clunky monkey, bugger, big bugger, biggest bugger, treehugger bugger, freckly freckle face, “Catch me if you can, little man” and on and on, you get the drift. She was really getting my goat. I was chasing her like mad through the living room. We went racing down the hall, and I dove and caught her by the leg and I must have bitten too hard because her leg came off. I let out a scream. Little Chicken let out a yodel, I mean, a cluck to beat all clucks. I imagine it was heard around the world or at least to Galt and that region there abouts. Oh boy, she was really making some awfully high pitched, scary sounds kinda like what you’d imagine coming from a skunk on skis. Anne came running to see what all the commotion was about. She was pretty upset. Shocked to say the least. She turned to me and said, “Little Ollie, chickens don’t grow on trees,” and “Where were your manners, peanut?” Fortunately she thinks she can patch up little Jenny Penny henny, clue, cluck, cluckster fanny, panny.  Maybe she can play tomorrow.

More Ollie and other dog photos may be seen at annechadwickwilliams.com.

The county shelter is full. Here are all animals available for adoption. http://www.msa2.saccounty.net/acr/Pages/ViewAllAdoptableAnimals.aspx

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