OLLIE & EMILY – WED. – FEB. 9, 2011

Anne’s friend Emily came over and OMG! she really knows how to play with me! I think she is part puppy. She got down on all fours, and I was doing donuts through the dining room into the kitchen and back . . .  really showing off. Emily was laughing and barking and barking and laughing. I think she may have snorted, too.  Anne was trying to take photos, but I was faster than lightning. Emily last name is Bazar, but I think it should be Bizarre, or BEEzar or BaZarro, not because I think she’s weird or anything,  but because if she acted like this at work she might lose her job. I don’t think her boss would appreciate her crawling around on all fours as much as I did. We aren’t going to tell.  She can come over here anytime to play!

Ella snuck in a kiss. So far, there are no reports of Emily B. having Zoonose.

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  1. I like these photos 2.
    I’m Emily’s cousin and my mother’s last name is bazar but i dont think that would be a good idea to change it to bizzare or anythingelse

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