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OLLIE – MONDAY – JAN. 3, 2011

I was sooooooo bored today.  Anne had to go out and photograph two inaugurations.  She took us on a zippy, little walk in the morning and then dashed off.  I got out all my toys and played.  I pestered Ella.  I climbed on the couch and played, then napped.  I wandered around the yard.  Hmmmm.  Now what?  She was gone soooooo long.  I didn’t like it one bit.  She usually doesn’t leave for this long. When she came home I bounced UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN and UP like a pogo stick.  I was so EXCITED.  She told me that at the first inauguration most everyone was wearing black again, but at least this time they were wearing sleeves and their skirts were a little longer.  One guy was wearing a red boa with his suit.  She didn’t quite know why but thought he might be wandering around from a New Year’s Eve party.  After the inauguration, everyone headed over the the Capitol, because they were giving away free food.  The line wrapped around the building, because the food was free.  The line was an hour long, because the food was free.  Folks waited and waited and waited patiently, because the food was free.  I imagined some mouthwatering green curry with tofu, some scrumptious bruschetta pomodoro, or some yummy mushroom ravioli with a nice herbed sauce and toasted walnuts.  But NO.  They were waiting in line for a hot dog and water.  When I heard that, I screamed WHAT!!!!  Were they bonkers?  Had they lost their taste buds? Are they freaking CRAZY? Does FREE mean people lose minds?

Anne’s back and shoulders were really sore from carrying all her camera gear around today.  So after her story telling, she asked for a little back massage.  I was happy to oblige, because I was thrilled to show her the polka dance I have been secretly practicing.  So I jumped on her back and hop, chasse left, chasse right, hop, hop, hop.  It was really fun.  Then I just starting hopping up and down and up and down on her back.  I was getting some pretty good air!  Then I added a 180-degree twirl first to the right, then the left, just to show off, then I’d just collapse on her.  She was laughing pretty hard, but asked me to stop because she said it wasn’t particularly relaxing.  I’m just glad she’s home!

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ameliaJanuary 8, 2011 - 10:00 pm

My GOODNESS! He looks almost stocky! 😉 Thanksx100 for continuing to post these. Warms my heart and gives me hope.

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