Ollie is making progress, and we love it! He’s had a really rough time with his glucose levels, and he is so groggy. But he walked today and for the first time in a few days he ate. This is such a fabulous sign. My friend Lynn says, ” This is super!”

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  1. What a handsome guy!!! Our miracle pup is looking much better ! I love that little guy …… can’t wait to see him play w/ Jack.

  2. Hi Anne, I’m Donna, Lynn’s mom and feel like I know all of you. I have kept up with the progress of “Olie”. and even cried with Lynn yesterday when Olie was having such a hard time. It’s wonderful news to hear that there are signs of inprovemnt. He is going to be such a wonderful and loving dog. I’ll keep up on his progress. PS I love all the pics Donna

  3. You don’t know me, but the doggy friend network allowed me to get acquainted with Ollie through your pictures and journal. It’s clear that he has a fighting spirit and you have give him a reason to live! I’ll see if I can recruit more doggy friends to help out too–

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