OLLIE – SATURDAY – JAN. 15, 2011

I can be serious, too, you know. Yesterday, I was really being myself, completely unmasked, comfortable, silly, yet sincere. I have a stately, noble, deep dog thinking side too. I think about all sorts of things, just so you know. It isn’t cuteness all day long, every day, ad nauseum, ad infinitum. Nope. I can think about more than food and treats and walks and Ella and how I can pester her and where is Anne and OMG someone is coming to the door I better jump up on the couch, bark my head off, and act like I am going to fly through the window. I think about bugs and how small they are. I think about flowers and how beautifully they are designed. I think about haiku, origami, and sumo wrestling. I wonder why Spam is and what happened to space sticks. I think about the weather and why rain is wet. I think about swimming like a dolphin, how language developed, how history is rewritten. I wonder if someone dreams of being an ice carver. I wonder why men wave their arms when they talk. I think about night time and where the sun goes. I think about how happy and grateful I am to be in this house and not out under that tree. I think about all my friends, my great people friends and fun dog friends. I think I am the happiest dog in the world.

More Ollie photos may be seen at “http://annechadwickwilliams.com”

2 Replies to “OLLIE – SATURDAY – JAN. 15, 2011”

  1. Hi Ollie and Anne, I love your blog. I read it every day. Thanks so much and please keep it up!

  2. Hi Ollie and Anne, I love your blog. I look forward to reading it every day. Please keep it up!

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