OLLIE – SATURDAY – JAN. 22, 2011

It was such a beautiful day, Anne flung open the windows. She was gleeful about this. She said the house smelled really doggy, mighty odoriferous, but not categorically stinky. All that trapped winter dog air. She said she doesn’t notice it too much when she is in the house, but when she comes home it knocks her over, like she slipped on a banana peel, which she did once. When she stepped on the peel she was in Liverpool, England walking down a gray street, surrounded by gray buildings, and before she knew it her right leg was over her head. Seriously. We are not exaggerating. A friend caught her. She looked back and there was a gray banana peel. Back to today. She said the EPA might have given her an air violation ticket for all the fur flying. It smells all nice and crisp inside now, like sheets that have been hanging on the line all day. She said some people may object to this photo, like I might hurt myself, fall out the window. Why would I go anywhere? I have a treat ball to chase around the house, Ella to wrestle with, Anne to cozy up with, and a beautiful painting of myself to admire. Why risk it? This is dog heaven.

More Ollie and other dog photos may be seen at annechadwickwilliams.com

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