Reiki Master Ilona Ireland donated a free session to Ollie!  What a treat for him. She came by the house and did some energy work on him Thursday.  At first he wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Then he settled in to it and enjoyed himself. Ilona was so gentle with him. It was really quite something to see.  Her business is called “Sound Advice,” which concentrates on healing through touch, sound, movement and education. She has worked in the field for some 30 years. Her e-mail is ilonaeire@creativei.com if anyone is interested in getting in touch with her.

A gallery of Ollie photos may be seen at annechadwickwilliams.com.

3 Replies to “OLLIE – THURSDAY- DEC. 16, 2010”

  1. Wow, especially the picture in the upper right hand corner where she is touching him where the corn cob was and his legs are up in protection, but his expression is one of pure healing. these are, as always, stunning shots.

  2. Great pictures of Ollie. I am very pleased that there was such a good response from so many to donate and support for Ollie’s care and Vet bills.
    From the looks of the pictures, Ollie is in a wonderful environment and hopefully he will continue to thrive with all the love and affection he’s being given.

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