OLLIE – THURSDAY – JAN. 13, 2011

Good Morning!  I hope you have someone as fun as Ella to play with in your life.  She is so cool.  She looks really ferocious here, but she really isn’t.  I pester her all day long. I mean really bug her.  In my mind’s eye I am a super, sly, flyweight puppy boxer.  I pounce.  I dance about.  I ambush.  I leap, lunge, spring. I am a mover.  A shaker.  The best move faker.  She is so understated, I can’t tell what she is thinking.  She plays with my mind.  Sometimes she doesn’t move.  I think I’ve hurt her, but she has so much fur she says she doesn’t even feel my jabs.  When she is done with me, she give a grrrrrrr.  Then I take a time out.

Yesterday’s lost dog is home with his owners!

More Ollie photos may be seen in a gallery at annechadwickwilliams.com.

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  1. Awesome news about the lost dog being returned to his owners! What is his name? How long was he lost? He looked like a hunting breed to me. Could not quite get the breed off of the tip of my tongue. Happy news at the end of a very long week!

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