OLLIE – TUES. – FEB. 1, 2011

May I please get some peace and quiet, for a moment. I need a nap. It’s lights, camera, action all the time around here, and I am pooped to the core. I feel like I am sleep walking. My dogs are tired. I need to slip them in a massaging foot bath, one that fits four paws. Some serious shut eye is calling my name. Ollie needs some beauty rest. Some Cinderella sleep. I feel some bags coming on under my eyes. Maybe Anne can buy me some cucumber slices, because she will invariably be taking my photo again tomorrow. I don’t think she realizes how much work it is to be funny. It’s why she photographs me way more than Ella. I mean, look at Ella.  That is her look.  Her ONLY look.  She looks like that all day long unless Anne tries to feed her some dry treats. What do you call that look? It is so neutral.  So blah. So banal. I am 100% so not neutral. I am full on, full throttle, full alive, all the time, well except right now because I just need a teenie, weenie, little break to recharge. Rejuice. Refresh. Reenergize. Rejuvenate. Awww. I am feeling better already just talking about it.

More Ollie and other dog photos may be seen at annechadwickwilliams.com

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