OLLIE – TUESDAY – JAN. 11, 2011

I have this treat ball so figured out.  I just take my front leg and do a little sideways push kinda like Mike Bibby used to do when he thought he was trying to be all sneaky.  He’d be dribbling down the court and then leap into the air as if to shoot and then do the same sideways move I do. I could spot it a mile away. I think he should have used a skyhook.  My ball is way better.  His doesn’t have treats inside.  Who would want to play with a ball without treats?  I love treats.  I live for treats.  Ella thinks it is reeediculous that I get so excited about a treat the size of a raindrop, but hey, if you had lived under a tree, you’d get excited.  What I really want to talk about is this rug.  Could we please get some housekeeping around here.  I mean, seriously, I may even consider not attacking the vacuum if someone would just sweep up.  I’m gotta eat off this thing, and I’m seeing a lot of crumbs.

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  1. Laughed outloud as usual. For dog owners, along with physical exercise, dogs need intellectual, and treat balls are the bomb. working one of those babies exhausts even the most muscle bound, body builder dogs you can find. dogs hunt, and rolling a treatball is the streamlined modern version of THE HUNT. Ollie, you can roll your ball on my wooden floor anytime if you get tired of carpets. And what about those nook and crannys the ball runs under that are unreachable. You should see my blind Stella with her tenacity tackling her treat balls.

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