I unstuffed, my toys, most of them. Piles of fluff, and stuff, to nap in, so comfy I am.  Not so tough, to take out the stuff.  Unstuffed my bear. Unstuffed my bone. Unstuffed my hare. Unstuffed my trombone. (That was the hardest).  I feel like I am in a cloud.  Cloud Ten. Why do most people stop at Cloud Nine?  So soft and comfy.  Floating.  Drifting.  Dozing.  From the window, I watch the geese come and go.  Now I know, how they feel, for flying through a cloud, is like an eel, no, I mean seal, no, not really, how about, “A Big Deal!”

More Ollie and other dog photos may be seen at annechadwickwilliams.com

The “Adopt” menu item has dogs from the Sacramento city shelter looking for homes.

3 Replies to “OLLIE UNSTUFFED – DOG BLOG – 3-8-11”

  1. I love Ollie’s silly little grin. He looks so satisfied with his unstuffing accomplishment.

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