Ollie visited the Capitol Wednesday with Ella, Sarah, Kick, and Jack. It was a bit of an overwhelming experience for him, the big city. The Christmas tree at the west steps of the Capitol is really tall. We wondered how they got it there. We walked around the entire park. There were squirrels running up the redwoods that he was crazy about. We stopped by the rose garden, which was in the process of being pruned for the winter. We walked through the Vietnam War Memorial. There were so may smells, so much to see, so much fun. We took a little walk down the K Street Mall. We were quite a site to see, two women, five dogs. We elicited lots of smiles. I think the urban walk might have been sensory overload for him. He was a bit nervous and came home and slept. It made me think of how I felt as a little girl the first time I went to New York City. Overwhelmed.

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