The Ollieday party was so much fun. Ollie met many of his new friends. We were so surprised at all the new toys and treats!  Thank you so much. They are a real hit. There was a lot of squeaking going on after the party as Ollie and Ella tested out the new toys. Ollie did well surrounded by all the new people in the house. He definitely was interested in the food. He found his bark a few days ago and used it whenever the doorbell rang.  The Ollie & Ella treats were the most popular item on the dining room table. I filled the bowl up four times and then finally just put the bag on the table. By the end of the evening Ollie and Ella were pooped and by 7:00 pm they were sound asleep. Some of you managed to get out the door without being photographed. Thanks to everyone who helped Ollie and for stopping by and meeting this very special dog.  He has touched a lot of hearts. We love you!

A gallery of Ollie photos and other dog photos may be seen at annechadwickwilliams.com.

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