I’ve made some new friends here in Berlin and Prague. Oswald really has a great life. His owner, Dedric, rides him around everywhere in a basket on his bike. Oswald is looking a little peaked. That’s because he just ate a huge curry sausage and bun that a tourist dropped. He said the curry didn’t really agree with him. I was thinking that maybe it was the sausage.

This is my friend Fritz.  His owners wouldn’t let him run around with me this day. You can tell by the look on Frau Hedda’s face that she wasn’t particularly happy to run into me at the Brandenburg Gate.  Fritz is pleading with them. Hedda was like nein, nein, and nein.

Mitzi’s owner keeps her in the basket cage when biking around town.  I’m not sure if it was too keep her from jumping out or from other critters from jumping in. Whatever the case, Mitzi says she feels trapped.

Uble had just shaped his silly, white mustache and was prancing around the plaza looking for a date in Prague. He didn’t have time to hang out because he really wanted to take a little fraulein to an opera of 101 dalmations.  Personally, I love hanging out and watching the scene. I think it is a better way of meeting other dogs than being on the move.

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