I am overjoyed! Ollie came home this afternoon after eight nights and nine days at the vet. I picked up a glucose meter on the way home and will test to make sure he is holding his own. His is digging being here, eating and sleeping, and falling me around, wagging his tail, getting to know Ella. The way he can bend himself is something else. The tail can fold up to his chin. The legs do all sorts of pretzel maneuvers, and it’s a trick to sort them out. He is so expressive. The last nine days have been such a journey. I’ve gotten to know some wonderful people, and a lot of incredible people helped me pay for his care. The outpouring of donations to him has been amazing. I am so touched to think of how many of you cared and took the time to help Ollie. I am so appreciative. I remember the suggestion early on to put him to sleep. I couldn’t ever even imagine that as an option. This same story is playing out all over. There are a lot of people in Sacramento doing great things for animals. I am just so grateful Ollie was one that was saved. Thank you!  MONDAY UPDATE: Ollie’s blood glucose was 80 last night and 88 this morning. So he is holding is own. Everywhere I go in the house, he follows, stepping on the back of my heels.

5 Replies to “OLLIE’S HOME! SUNDAY – DEC. 5, 2010”

  1. Yay! I am so glad to hear he is home and doing better. This made my day. I will look forward to more updates. Sincerely, Melissa Gould

  2. Glad to see that the little guy is now home with you! Hope Ollie continues to have a good recovery. “Shiba wags” from Sukoshi and Hoshi.

  3. Anne, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO thrilled with the good news. Lynn called last night and told me that she was Ollie sitting. God bless both of you as the healing and bonding continues, although I think the bond is unbreakable at this point. Hugs grandma Donna

  4. Thank you Anne for rescuing this adorable little guy and sharing the story with us through your wonderful photos. He’s such a fighter and a character, he certainly deserves the chance you and his care team have given him.

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