Once a week I photograph dogs at the Sacramento city shelter in hopes that a good photo, a sweet photo, a compelling photo will increase the odds of their adoption.  There is never a dull moment.  Here are some of the bloopers, the outtakes, and the moments I couldn’t resist.  These are great dogs.   I hope everyone considers adopting a pet from a shelter.

More dog photos, albeit not as amusing, may be found at http://annechadwickwilliams.com.




16 Replies to “OOPS, TAKE 2 – SHELTER DOG PHOTO BLOOPERS – 3-12-12”

  1. Anne – You’re a genius! Definitely a share on my facebook! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Anne – You’re a genius! Definitely worth a Share on my facebook! Thank you for all that you do!

  3. I love these pics! I think you have the making of a new shelter calendar/project. Sure, those perfect photos of adorable dogs are fabulous, but these are somehow even more compelling and funny. It’s like any of us…we have that one great photo we use on our facebook page or at match.com, but most days we don’t look nearly that good! Great pics…great captions. You’re amazing, as always.

  4. These are so full of character and the caption help make them fabulous! I would be totally surprised if they didn’t help each dog’s chances of getting adopted. Especially the pup with the peanut butter faux pas!

  5. This is great . I love it . I am glad you shared these. Made my day!!! Cheryl

  6. Thank you for what you do. I also volunteer several days a week at my local shelter. There’s nothing that compares to the feeling you get knowing you helped an animal find a home, and helped a family find their new best friend. I know how much a positive image can make the difference between “we have to go to the shelter NOW before someone else snaps him up” and “nah….I don’t want to leave the house. Dancing with the Stars is on.

    Who could resist the combination of these wonderful personalities showcased by your beautiful talent and sense of humor.

  7. I love these, maybe even more than the perfect shots. Thanks for the smiles.

  8. GENIUS…..just a thought, if you are posting the good shots of adptable dogs to a website, maybe link-outs to some of the goof-ups will also be the shot that promotes the dog? The “errors” are precious, too. When I fall in love with a dog, ANY shots cal to me!
    Your photography is fetching, perfect, wonderful……THANK YOU for sharing your skills with the dogs at the shelter.

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