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Dachshund mix puppies that are too cute for words.  Beautiful Ruby the Husky who is looking for someone to handle all her huskiness.  Hershey the chocolate brown chihuahua who is pure sweetness.   Jackie the terrier who is so smart and funny.  Bandit the year-old American Staffordshire terrier who despite being large wants to sit in your lap.  And Mick Jagger, the dancing chihuahua, who has more personality than you would think fits in that little body.  These are a few of the new adoptables dogs at the Sacramento city shelter at 2127 Front St.

See all the adoptable dogs here –

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Skittles the chihuahua is sad.  Her unemployed mom moved away from Sacramento, into an apartment that doesn’t allow pets.  Skittles was a pampered dog, whose owner doted on her. Lots of lap time, slept in the bed, tummy rubs.  Tug toys, chew toys, and chicken strip treats.  Described as practically the perfect dog – loving, affectionate, likes kids, sometimes shy, housebroken, thinks your beautiful, etc.  Skittles is looking for a new home that will love her forever.  She doesn’t understand how everything went from perfect to homeless at the Sacramento city shelter –

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Six savvy, silly, sweet, smiley, serene, sarcastic (in one case), silky and small Sacramento city shelters dogs are searching for the perfect home.  Each has a different dream, a different hope, a different home in mind.  Read about what Manda, Cherio and Bear and friends are looking for, and maybe you know someone who is the perfect match.


Manda – ID#A393741 – is looking for a happy home where she can sit in a lap and watch Seinfeld reruns.













Cherio – ID#A397891 –  is looking for a country house with a telescope.  He likes to track the UFO’s he picks up with his ultra sensitive hearing.












Bear – ID#A398932, – who feels more like a Hattie, would like a split level house so she can play with her Slinky on the stairs. She can do tricks with her ears.












Daisey – ID#A397005 – is looking for a home with a big backyard so she can practice her croquet.  She also doesn’t like pink, which is why she looks somewhat forlorn in the photo.











Max – ID#A398671 – is looking for a gentle home with a jacuzzi to soothe the broken leg he is healing from.












Macadoo – ID#A396606 – is looking for a home where his people won’t recognize that he uses hypnosis to persuade them to give him treats whenever he wants them.

















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The day began just as I had hoped – a July 4th hike to water, some swimming and a picnic.  It deteriorated rapidly when perfect dog Ella disappeared into thin air just as we were getting our lunch out.  Searching and calling led to nothing.  This went on for what seemed like eons, and I was hungry and not appreciative of the situation.  After at least 30 minutes, Anne got a call from a kayaker who found Ella about a mile down river.  Holy moley.  What happened!  After the rescue mission, which involved hiking through lots of blackberry brambles, we headed back to our spot along the river.  Ella wasn’t talking.

The day was lovely.  Emily threw sticks for me.  Scores of kayakers and rafters floated by, and I showed off my improving swimming skills.  We lollygagged, ate, ( I snuck some watermelon) and had a good old time.  Ella slept.

The hike out of the American River canyon was a scorcher.  Faster than quickly I thought I was going to die.  The trail felt ridiculously fiery.  I danced like nobody was watching on the blazing, hot path and tried to bushwhack through prickly star thistle to stay off the route.  My parched tongue dragged on the ground, and I started to feel faint.  I sat in the shade of every tree I found.  What was Anne thinking!  Could my pads actually melt off?  Because this seemed like a real possibility.  This might be the worst decision she’s made since I’ve known her.  No, on second thought, not true.  I can think of one worse and  . . .  (later), but this is a close second.  She tore a bandana into four pieces and with first aid tape made booties for Ella.  Ella liked that idea.  What about me!   I’m much more delicate than her.

Well, you aren’t going to believe this, but I got an even better deal.  I ended up getting a ride. Yep, I got a ride right out of the canyon.  Hope about them apples.  Mighty Emily scooped me up and carried me out.  She hugged me to her, and my sizzling stupor fell away.  I was immediately deliriously happy.  Emily is my hero.  She may be petite but don’t let that fool you.  If the going is tough, you want Emily along, because she saved the day and me!  I’m voting for the Sierra for the next hike and Emily for Fourth of July Hero of the Year.



I’m at the car wash for the first time.  I heard there was going to be water.  I love water.  I go crazy for water.  I love to bite it, swim in it, drink it, lick it.  But this was exceptionally weird. I saw it.  It was coming at me full blast, but I couldn’t feel it. No matter what I did, it was out there. Not in here.  Ella was her usual self.  So calm.  I was beside myself, which is my usual self.  All in all I would say that a car wash is not much fun, at all.  Please take me to the backyard and turn the hose on or better yet, the river.

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