We had a very special day today, a remarkable day really.  A beautiful woman with a heart as big as the sun, who donated to Ollie’s vet care, also commissioned a painting by Mylette Welch, a favorite artist of Anne’s. Can you imagine being filled with this much generosity?  It is beyond words, really.  Today we drove over to Healdsburg to pick up the gorgeous painting of Ella and me. The goodness of it all is so amazing, it had Anne in tears on the way home.  She called it a top 10 day.

Anne asked me to sit nicely on the couch, but I think Squid, the pug, dropped a treat under the table and you all know how I am with treats.  They are my priority.

Anne asked us to sit here too, but we were too distracted by all the beautiful dog paintings around the house. Don’t we look great in the painting?

I see what Anne means. Look at all these paintings! Some of them look like my friends. You can see more of Mylette’s humorous, colorful and gorgeous paintings on her website

Squid is so cute and look at that chair he gets to sit in. Wouldn’t that make you happy all day long! When we got home it was dark. Anne is going to take a photo of us with the painting tomorrow morning when there is natural light in the house.  Oh, we are speechless and so grateful beyond words.  Thank you!!!

More Ollie and dog photos may be seen at

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  1. These are such cool photos Anne.Could you send me a photo of the Kids in front of the painting for my “meet the models” part of my website? I’ll do a link from my site to yours and photo credit if that’s OK. You have the sweetest little dog family! Thank you, thank you for bringing them to meet us. Enjoy your painting!

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