Hulk, Hercules, Brutus, Bubba, Chief, Apollo, Zeus, and Capone all came together Saturday.  No, they weren’t WWE wrestlers meeting for a match.  Or super heroes gathering for a super conference.  Nor was it a Greek God confab.  It was sixty-two pit bulls, with big names, some still with puppy breath, gathering for free vaccinations, microchips, and to sign up for spay and neutering in Rio Linda Saturday. The Sacramento city and county shelters and the SPCA put on their second pit bull event this year with second-year funding from an ASPCA grant. Five people were given free spay/neuter vouchers for their dogs.  The next event will be in Oak Park in a few months.

Above right, Dallas, 3 months, waits to be vaccinated.

Top left, Apollo and Zeus, 11-month old siblings, wait for microchips and hope to get services for neutering. Top right, Capone, 1, and Coco, 1, facing away on right, wait to get vaccinated and microchipped. Bottom left, Bubba, 3, waits with owners Melanie Garcia and her son, Simon, 10, to get shots and to receive microchips. Bottom right, Hercules, 7 months, waits for shots.

Elizabeth Garcia, right, holds her dog, Brutus, 3, a mastiff/pit bull mix as he gets a microchip at the free clinic.

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