Hi, my name is Hailey.  I love to snuggle and give kisses, and I am looking for a good home.  I love long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners.  Actually, I like my dinner any which way.  I like it moonlit, half lit, unlit.  I like it in bright sun or by headlamp.  I’m a foodie for sure.  My walks don’t have to be on a beach either.  I like walking and hiking anywhere.

MY STORY:   I am from Idaho.  Hailey, Idaho to be exact.  I think I was born around September 2008.  I can’t remember my mom and dad, and I had some rough times as a pup.  I spent some hungry days alone and ended up at a local rest area avoiding being caught by animal control.  My next home was the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley in Hailey where the people were very nice to me.  They named me Billie Jean.  (I don’t play tennis.)  My day kennel was outdoors and had views of foothills and lots of sky.  Volunteers took me hiking and the staff taught me everything I need to know to pass my AKC Canine Good Citizen test – how about that!  (I still need to take the test.)  After being at the shelter 555 days, my story was posted on Facebook.  A couple of semi-crazy dog women in Sacramento, CA read about me and drove 660 miles to meet me.  Colleen Adamson provided the wheels.  Anne adopted me after 575 days in the shelter and the duo whisked me away to California where I had heard the weather is warmer and that I might not ever see snow again.  I was renamed so that I wouldn’t forget my roots.

Now two weeks in a home, I must say life is good.  The orange tree is blossoming and smells fantastic.  We walk every day and I like lounging around the backyard or looking out the window to see who is passing by.   I am perplexed by the dog sounds coming from the TV.  I like gnawing on a frozen Kong with peanut butter in it. Anne explained that she adopted me to bring me to a more populated area to find me my final home.

I am a medium-sized cattle dog/American Staffordshire terrier mix.  I am as white as a polar bear and have cute pointy ears with tan spots.  My fur is very soft and I use an herbal conditioner on it.  I am muscular and dream of competing in a tractor-pulling contest, which I think I could win.  I love people.  I also love Anne’s dogs, Ella and Ollie, and get along with them well.  In Idaho, I didn’t get along with every dog I met.  I think I would prefer to be an only dog or with a male dog.  I would like to be with someone is active and has dog experience.  I must admit that I can be strong willed.  However, I am told that I am a wonderful dog.  I hear “Good girl, Hailey,” a lot.  If you would like to meet me, please contact Anne  –  or 916-826-1354.


Adoption fee:  $100

Home visit required


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