I was out walking Ella this beautiful, crisp Thanksgiving morning giving thanks for everyone and everything in my life. I came upon this emaciated and terrified dog huddled under a tree. Someone had given him a sheet to lie on, but this dog needed a blanket. I drove back and brought him home. He was someone’s pet. He climbed right up on my couch. He is terribly malnourished and very afraid. He is having a good day at my house but I need to get him to the vet.  He’s getting lots of food and warmth and love and Vivaldi and probably the first good sleep he’s had in a long time. I know he, too, is grateful today. Into the vet tomorrow.

3 Replies to “STRAY DOG”

  1. Probably already housebroken, too. Every dog owner probably has a nightmare about their dog getting lost and having to survive out on the street. Who knows what this dog’s story is: whether he is out on the street on purpose or by accident. But whatever the reason, he’s sure lucky that you’re the one who found him.

  2. You’ve done a beautiful, generous thing, Anne. I’m not surprised but I’m definitely moved and inspired. I’ll be checking back often to see how Ollie’s doing…

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