OLLIE – FRIDAY – JAN. 7, 2011

Ollie was back at the vet Friday.  He doesn’t want to talk about it.  His surgery scar is infected again.  It’s been five weeks since his surgery and this is the third flare up.  A few days ago it was almost all healed again.  I think that long romp at the river, where he really got to stretch his legs and sprint after Ella, got all that scar tissue inflamed.  I am so bummed.  He isn’t so bothered by it, but he was really wasn’t happy to be back at the vet.  He tucked his tail and looked for the door.  His vet friends were happy to see him.  A couple of them said they didn’t even recognize him he’s put on so much weight.  He weighs 39 pounds.  He’s almost a body double.  So we will try this three-week round of antibiotics and see what happens.  I’m really hoping he doesn’t need this rare surgery to correct a mass of scar tissue.  He’s all curled up in his bed right now, chewing on something, happy as a clam, if clams are happy.

A gallery of Ollie photos may be seen at annechadwickwilliams.com.

OLLIE & ELLA – WED. – DEC. 15, 2010

Ollie is feeling great. Ella is playing for the first time in years. Starting yesterday, Ollie engaged Ella in play and she responded. It is fabulous to watch. Ella is so gentle with Ollie. He is all teeth and legs and floppy.

Hope everyone saw the post below about the blind old lab that was dumped and needs a new home. A gallery of Ollie photos can be seen at annechadwickwilliams.com.

OLLIE – SUNDAY – DEC. 12, 2010

A real puppy emerged Sunday. Ollie ran for the first time. He chased the ball up and down the hallway. Some friends came by to meet him, and he barked at the doorbell ringing. And he really didn’t like the vacuum cleaner. I would say he is feeling great. A gallery of Ollie photos may be seen at annechadwickwilliams.com.

OLLIE – SATURDAY – DEC. 11, 2010

Ollie is beginning to play. It is so great to see his feeling better. He loves this squeaky toy. This time last week he was really struggling.  We had a good walk today, and he is staying awake longer each day. We went over to a friend’s house for dinner, and he did well with her cat. He was curious but didn’t do much but look. Another day with a great appetite. A gallery of Ollie photos can be seen at annechadwickwilliams.com