I waited all day at the dog park for the girl of my dreams, that silky eared, flowing red-furred golden retriever I saw the other day, the girl that didn’t pay me no never mind. I planned this outfit so maybe she’d give me a little attention. If she didn’t notice me NOW, then I’d know there would be no chance.  I checked the tree trunks to see if she’d left me a message.  I patrolled the perimeter for her scent.  Nothing.  I waited.  And waited.  Nothing.

I had to high tail it away from this sharpei.  She said she never seen a dog with some much heart.  From the looks of it I may have some kangaroo in me.  I’m going to have to find a DNA test that includes a roo.

I waited a long time. There were hardly any dogs at the park. Where they all out searching for the top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts under $35 or singing the top 10 great love songs for Valentine’s Day or cooking the 10 ten best recipes for Valentine’s Day? What is it with the number 10? I like 8 better. I went home feeling a bit melancholy, a tad sad, a wee bit blue, dispirited, mightily mirthless, woebegone. But Anne said it be best if I turned that frown upside down and she put on “Saturday Night Fever,” and we had a DANCE PARTYYYYYYYY!

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2 Replies to “VALENTINE’S DAY OLLIE – MONDAY – FEB. 14, 201”

  1. Oh, too funny! I was in stitches with this one. Like all the little hearts and his expressions.

    Today, I reassured Sukoshi and Hoshi that they were the “little loves of my life” (LLoML) And just to prove it, Hoshi’s dog bed got cleaned and all the dog blankets were washed. Not very romantic for sure, but I don’t think they wanted to nibble on roses and chocolate is verboten…

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