I love the weekends.  Long walks, a picnic, and my first ticks!  My ears are my favorite body part. They are quite spectacular.  They are super funny.  They show off my speed.  I think that is why I am faster than Ella.  My ears are aerodynamic.  Hers are stuck up.  As in straight up.  So they catch a lot of wind.  She’d probably be better at sailing than me.

We saw swarms and gaggles of bugs.  At least this kind didn’t bite.

I thought that if I gave her my most mesmerizing cute look that she’d let me lick the bowl.  It worked!

One Reply to “WEEKEND OLLIE – 6-20-11”

  1. Now that’s definitely one of his most endearing cute gazes ever!!! He’d get a carrot from me for that one, at least …


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