Hmmm. I’ve been thinking all day.  Anne says that I am at least two of these breeds. She won’t tell me precisely which ones until we get the actual paperwork. I think she wants me stew over it. I tell you what, I would rather be a Yorkshire pudding than a Yorkshire terrier. No way, no how, uh uh. That dog looks motorized. And is that some sort of beacon on its head? A doggie GPS?  Maybe it gets lost all the time and its owner is tracking him. And the grooming, the hours of grooming, egad.  The Chinese crested is pretty cool. Has some attitude. Reminds me of a rebellious teen dog. Wants to be noticed. Doesn’t want to be talked to. Is a little confused about fashion and hairstyles and so tries them all on for size at the same time. Anne has a friend whose daughter is like this. Could be fun for a few months, but I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life having to live up to that look. Can you imagine being 80 years old and tired and trying to pull that off? Poodle, nope. I know I’m not a poodle. Not one bone in my body, nor hair on my head, nor thought in my brain is poodlish.  I think I have the spots of a pointer and the head of an Italian greyhound. Anne thinks I have some Jack Russell Terrier or some sort of terrier. I’m not so sure. I’m twice the size, twice as cute, and my tail is twice as long. Border Collie. Not so sure. About the right size. Not the right coat. A bit too intense. Scary one-track-mind, one-track gaze. Like how I felt when I saw the girl of my dreams at the DP.  Although I am energetic, intelligent, keen, alert, and responsive like they are. I’m really looking for a dog who has my funny run. My back legs swing in a circle counter clockwise and at a lilt when I run, like I’m churning butter or being twirled at a dance. Not very whippet like. A preponderance of things to ponder.  I am mixed and proud of it. I am an Ollie dog. Maybe I am the latest breed. I mean, isn’t all this pure bred stuff overrated? What do you think I am?


  1. Ollie-

    It is really intriguing to find out about your background. I would say that you are part sighthound, such as greyhound, Italian greyhound or whippet. Perhaps there is Australian Cattle Dog/Queensland Heeler in the mix. This would explain some of your coat coloring. Or there may be a hunting dog such as the pointers.

    Anyhow, this DNA stuff is interesting. Some of the members of our meetup (Shiba) were tested. We had one who turned out to be Pomeranian/Akita/something else and another who was Pom/Dachshund/something else. At least we were right that there were “spitz-type” breeds in the mix. I am pretty sure that I am pure Shiba. I do have papers. (I also trot kind of funny, but that’s because of my age.) My adopted bigger sister is also Shiba, but her DNA test included Chow. My owner says this is because the Shiba breed was reconstituted after WWII and there were a number of breeds that may have been in the final Shiba lineage. She says that Sukoshi has “old Chow” in her line.

    Hoshi, the old guy (but not an expert)

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